Real-World Lighting Solutions

You have questions about gear. What is the best light for the job? How many pieces of equipment should you use for lighting different sets or location shoots? What’s new and what’s different? If only you had a source for all the answers… Well, now you do.

This site offers a lot of free information, but it also has a growing base of specialized information and product reviews available only to On Set University Members! As a member, you gain unprecedented access to real-world lighting solutions offered to you on a silver platter by someone who is passionate about all things lighting!

Craig “Burnie” Burns wants to give you the answers you seek in a way that makes it easy for you to find them. This part of the membership site will continually expand to meet member needs. If you don’t see something that answers your questions, be sure to get involved in the community area (private Facebook group) and log in for the monthly LIVE Q & A. Also, be sure to send us your requests. We’ll find the answers and share them with you in this area of the site!!